Roan Contreras

roan.contreras[@] / @ToadieTechnika


I am a game developer focusing on the Web. All of my games that are supposedly here are freeware, meaning you can play them for FREE. I also teach courses, related to Multimedia Arts and Game Development, in different schools.

As you can see, you have come to a work in progress space. And of course, I am still making video games (since 2008). But I figure that I need to spend way more time preparing the website. Things have been juggling ever since I discovered that teaching is also part of my life. I teach not only to make them learn, but also to influence them on how I handle my skills and abilities.

In fact, there's nothing wrong to move away in "this area" for a while. When I return, there will be lots of new games to be played. It'll be something way different than before. Not to mention that I need to share or dump some artworks here too, for more interest.

I hope you'll understand, just be patient for some time. Thanks for reading.

To play my games: