Roan Contreras


Hi, hello, welcome, how are you? And how about me? I am not in favor of labels.

I am known as an indie game developer and a lecturer. To explain further, I make games mostly for the internet; And I teach courses in the fields of Multimedia Arts and Game Development.

Apart from the mentioned labels, I also do creative and personal things like digital art, photography, and more.

This website is free from advertisements. You won't be seeing any number of likes and comments. How credible or legitimate I am? It depends on you.

In fact, you're always welcome to my textual space for you to feel my online presence.

I don't have social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) and the list goes on.

I am also alias, ToadieTechnika, on the web.

To access my portfolio,

Content warning: Freedom of expression
If you're not mentally prepared, I advise you to stay away for a while. Thank you and be back soon.

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